Based in Melbourne, Vic Mankotia currently maintains responsibilities at CA Technologies as vice president of solution strategy for Asia Pacific and Japan, a position in which he focuses on expanding the company’s security, mobility, and IT business management portfolios. Vic Mankotia also stays abreast of developments in the information systems industry as a member of the ISACA.

In a recent ISACA Journal Author Blog, information systems expert Kerry A. Anderson explains the importance of choosing the most appropriate security solution for an enterprise. Anderson asserts that it’s essential to begin the selection process for an information security program by determining functional requirements and establishing criteria that clearly defines what the organization needs to realize regulatory compliance, supplement existing security technologies, and eradicate security perimeter gaps.

According to Anderson, organizations should carefully compare potential security programs and resist the temptation to select a familiar security system out of habit. Instead, Anderson emphasizes that a security solution should be customized to meet the needs an organizations, integrate easily into the organizational environment, and optimize the expenditure.